April Showers

26 Apr


….and the May Flowers will be beautiful, meanwhile, your hair is the enemy, right? I hear ya, Straight, or curly, thick or thin, humidity is a not a girl’s best friend. Let me give some laymen a few basics…brand aside for now. For Coarse hair; Moisture loves you use a ratio of moisture over protein about 80/20 at least. Fine hair; Protein is where you are going to get your love, moisture will make the hair soft and silky, but weight it down…flat, flat, flat. about 80/20 protein to moisture for fine hair. Now, I have seen a lot of this….clients with a high density of fine hair and stylists have told them their hair is thick…nooooo ma’am, you just have a lot more of that fine hair. I hope these little basics helped, sorry for being absent on last weeks post, but i dropped off a pretty girl in the hair album for you with beautiful locks! Enjoy the rest of your rainy April, besties, and no worries…sometimes on the yuckiest days… a cute hat does just fine.


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