Welcome Back !

25 Sep

So sorry I have not logged in basically all summer, yet due to such exciting work and busy kid stuff, I blogged so slowly (joke) while some of you have had 9 haircuts or more since my last update, please check the Models page for 2 more photos….These girls are subjects of big name talent with high credentials…so when I say it is an HONOR >>>>> it is an understatement! Stay dry my friends, I’ll keep up with you soon. Remember; a smile makes everyone beautiful.


We have been on hold a little bit

31 May

Some exciting changes are coming up along with some new contacts and beautiful photos and models. In the next few weeks will be a pickup that will be fullfilling and shall compensate for time missed. Sorry for the delay, friends. I will get some photos up in the albums this week for you soon as well. The best stuff will be towards the end of June and we are super excited! Hang on tight…

We will be working with The Talented Scott Church and Bill Mason
These men are a huge success and a big deal. It is my humble honor.

April Showers

26 Apr


….and the May Flowers will be beautiful, meanwhile, your hair is the enemy, right? I hear ya, Straight, or curly, thick or thin, humidity is a not a girl’s best friend. Let me give some laymen a few basics…brand aside for now. For Coarse hair; Moisture loves you use a ratio of moisture over protein about 80/20 at least. Fine hair; Protein is where you are going to get your love, moisture will make the hair soft and silky, but weight it down…flat, flat, flat. about 80/20 protein to moisture for fine hair. Now, I have seen a lot of this….clients with a high density of fine hair and stylists have told them their hair is thick…nooooo ma’am, you just have a lot more of that fine hair. I hope these little basics helped, sorry for being absent on last weeks post, but i dropped off a pretty girl in the hair album for you with beautiful locks! Enjoy the rest of your rainy April, besties, and no worries…sometimes on the yuckiest days… a cute hat does just fine.

11 Apr

Here’s just a quick Sunday front page photo … I felt important

weekly updates

29 Mar

Be sure to check my hair albums for weekly updates, I add recent work as my favorites come in to share with you work that i have done.